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In the Southern France, during his childhood, René Milone was nurturing an artistic soul while looking up at the portrays and landscapes his father had painted for the French movie industry.
Busy with his life, he let his strong desire to paint on the side until the 90's. Settling his family in Québec in 98, he decided to give his passion an outlet with success. Enrolled in the art certificate at Bishop's University, he takes seriously the path of an artistic carreer. He teaches the Great Masters'Method to enthusiastic classes, leads an art school and gallery and gives outdoor worshops.
His paintings are showing the harmony of his life style with his art work.

Artist profile

Oscillating between dream and reality, hesitating between reason and illusion, René Milone welcomes us in his world.
Often, a human character is living in a learnedly plan with vegetation rich with nuances of all sort, intensified by vibrant personalized colors. René Milone paints the scene with passion and fantasy.
He says that when a character appears on the canvas, the observer is reassured, pleased, and then, seduced by the story seen. With light and shadow, contrasts travelling from plan to plan, we feel welcomed in his world. For example, he said :"In 1982, I took a picture of two little girls under an umbrella, holding each other with such gentleness that I knew that this moment would remain on my mind. Lately, 20 years later, I made the two friends appear in my painting entitled "Wheat field in summertime".
Again, occurs the magic, beauty is in the air !

Curriculum Vitae

Implications :

2006  President founder of the school of painting the Workshop Rene Milone
2005- Artistic Director for "Atelier de Peinture La Signature", Longueuil,
2004- 2005 Art Teacher for the Cultural Service of Ste-Julie.
2005  Art Teacher for an art school at Ste-Julie.
2003-2005    Art Teacher for "Atelier de Peinture La Signature", Longueuil,
2003 - 2005  Chairman, Association 'L'art en soi", Beloeil.
2005  Member of the RPA (Regroupement Provincial des Artistes), Sherbrooke
2003 - 2005  Member of the CALO (Coalition des Artistes de Longueuil)
2003 - 2005  Member of L' AAPARS (Association des Artistes Peintres Affiliés de la Rive-Sud).
2003 - 2005  Member of the AAPL (Association des Artistes Peintres de Longueuil).

Formation :

2005.    Drawing II, Certificate in Visual Arts, Bishop's University , Jim Benson, St-Lambert,
2004 -   Color Theory and Practice, Certificate in Visual Arts, Bishop's University, Micheline Durocher,             St.-Lambert,
2004 -   Drawing I, Certificate in Visual Arts, Bishop's University, Mona Godbout, St.-Lambert,
2004 -   Survey of Western Art II, Certificate in Visual Arts, Bishop's University, Roya Abouzia, St-            Lambert,
2004 -   Workshop, Acrylic with Raymonde Perron
2003 -   Technique of Oil Painting and Portray, Workshop "La Signature» , Longueuil, Anne Lemieux.
2003 -   Technique of Oil Painting, Drawing, and Arrangement, Workshop "La Signature» , Longueuil,             Marcel Mussely.
2003 -   Technique of Oil Painting with Raymonde Perron
2003 -   Workshop " Mes couleurs intérieures ", Acrylic with Raymonde Perron and Doris Savard.
2003 -   Intermediate Technique of Oil Painting "La Signature " Longueuil with Micheline Larochelle.

Representation :

Atelier René Milone
Véronneau gallery, Longueuil,
Lou-Cantagril, 912 du Rivage, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu,

Exhibitions on invitation or selection :

2005, Exhibition of CAPSQ at Coimbra, Portugal
2005, Festival des Rivières, R.P.A. Sherbrooke
2005, Artistes sur le Champs, Chambly.
2004, "Plaisir de Noël ", Gallery 1637, Rue Sherbrooke, Montreal,
2004, The Outaouais in Painting, Montebello,

Exhibitions of group:

2005, Teacher's exhibition, "Atelier de Peinture La Signature", Longueuil.
2004-2005, Exhibition of the A.A.P.A.R.S, St-Lambert en fête.
2004-2005, Symposium of the St-Jean-Baptist, AAPARS, St-Bruno,
2005, Exhibition-Contest Arts Visual Roussillons, St-Constant,
2004-2005, Show of the spring of the AAPL, Longueuil,
2004-2005, Exhibition of the Valentine's day, Association L'Art en Soi, Beloeil,
2004-2005, Exhibition of the handy formats of the A.A.P.L. to the Cultural Center Jacques-Ferron, Longueuil,
2004, "Exposition Galerie des toiles", Vergèze, France,
2003-2004-2005, Exhibition-Contest "Fêtes des Couleurs" of the A.A.P.A.R.S. Saint-Bruno, 2004,
2003-2004-2005, Exhibition Selection of the A.A.P.L. Longueuil.
2004, Festival Arts et reflets, Château-Richer,
2004, Exhibition of l' AAPARS, Maison Éthier, St-Basile the Large
2004, Salon des Arts visuels, Brossard,
2004-2005, Exhibition of the CALO, Center Jacques Ferron, Longueuil,
2004, Show of the Artists and Creators, Vergèze, France,
2003, Exhibition Contest of La Prairie.
2003, Symposium of the Brosse-Art Group, Brossard.
2003, Exhibition, "Atelier de Peinture La Signature", Longueuil.
2003, Rustic Exhibition of l' AAPARS at St-Bruno

Prizes :

2005, Prize of the Jury, with "Le Potier ", Expo-Contest-Arts Visual Roussillons, St. Constant.
2005, Prize of the Public with " Suivre la trace ", Exhibition of the Valentine's Day of the Art en Soi Association.
2005, Prize of the Public with "Le potier ", Exhibition of the Valentine's Day of the Art en Soi Association.
2004, Prize of the Public with " Macinaggio " Exhibition Contest of the Art en Soi Association, Longueuil.

Implementations :

Watercolors on paper
Charcoal on paper
Oil on paper
Mixed techniques
Oil on canvas
Acrylics on papers
Acrylics on canvas

Private collections :


Bibliography :

Biennal Magazin'Art 2006
Dictionary Drouot Quotation Larousse 2005, 2006,
Guide de Roussan 2004, 2005, 2006,


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